Just worked on new Nickelodeon show NICKY, RICKY, DICKY & DAWN! I played an older, messed up version of guest star Mircea Monroe. Also guest staring was POTUS look alike Reggie Brown.




“The Petrified Forest” has it all: suspense, romance, intrigue, danger, and politics.”

“Exceptionally strong production”

Jeanine Anderson and Alan Schack as the wealthy and snooty couple who turn up here purely by “bad luck,” are a snobby sensation” Tolucan Times

The play really deserves a woman’s intuitive understanding of the struggles encountered by women in society, and director Laura James allows her actors to fully embody what life was like back in 1934 when women were first learning to stand on their own feet and go for what they wanted in life. This is especially true for Jeanine Anderson who plays stifled society maven Mrs. Chisholm as a woman who finally realizes what truly matters to her in life when faced with death. BWW reviews

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